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I have seriously reached the point that when some people make ‘plans’ with me I just assume they’re going forget. And I move on without thinking. Maybe out makes me a bad person. I think it just makes me a person deserving of low priority in people’s lives. And there was a time I thought I would actually keep a friend too… sadly, new always replaces old.

1: If you had to pick one doll to take with you on vacation, who would you pick (And where would you go)?

I would probably take Renard or Kaile… one of my smaller ones. They fit better for traveling, despite Sul being my favorite… but carrying a 70 cm boy is a pain in the butt for any real distance. So, it’d be either my Littlefee Pongpong (Renard) or my Cherish Doll Chubby Demon (Kaile).

2: What’s the most you’ve ever spent on a single outfit?

HM. Something like $60? I dunno. But that was for Sul, my 70 cm Resinsoul Long. I really dunno.

3: What bothers you most about the doll hobby?

Uh. Nothing? I dunno. Wigs, probably. FUCK WIGS, my wigs never stay on and are always sliding around or being impossible to handle or looking stupid. WIGS. Grumble grumble.

4: What doll do you feel you got the best “deal” on?

My new darling boy, Keifer, who’s from a tiny doll company and AWESOME and came with a free extra head who is my other baby. Best thing! I love them and feel like I got them for SO little.

5: Do you celebrate your doll’s “birthdays”? Do you go by their arrival date, order date, or another date?

Nope. Not at all. And… none. I barely know how long I’ve had my dolls for.

6: Would you buy a “baby” resin doll that was in scale to one of your dolls to be your doll’s child?

I wouldn’t buy it specifically for that purpose, but Kaile often plays the part of child to two of my MSDs. Admittedly, he’s adopted demon child… but that’s just part of the fun.

7: Do you ever have trouble finding shoes that fit properly?


8: Do you ever kiss/stroke your doll’s hair/hold your doll?

Yes, all the time. They’re my babies and I love them. I don’t buy toys/stuff NOT to play with/love.

9: Speaking of which, do you ever feel creepy around your dolls? (Sometimes I do~)

No. Dolls are inanimate objects. I make jokes about them needing therapy, but no. It’s all jokes.

10: Have you ever told someone a doll or item was sold so that you didn’t have to sell it to them? Do you ever get get the heebies from a buyer?

Nope and nope. But I haven’t sold a lot. Which reminds that I REALLY need to sell my Ada. Like, dear lord, seriously need to sell her. Sigh. *lazy* But, no. Never happened.

11: What kind of doll would you love to see pictures of? (I would love to see a football player, with a cute lil jacket and a football~)

Uh… dolls? I dunno. I don’t think about that.

No new questions, no tags. I’m too tired and don’t really have questions? lol.

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