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WaRP High: An Elfquest AU no one asked for!

Skywise is a hipster in-the-closet about being an astronomy geek. He’s not the best at giving advice, but everyone asks him anyway and he does his best to help. He wears a vest that reads “I Am Sky Wise” on the back and wraps his beanie hats with thin strips on metal to make them shine.  His best friend in the world is Cutter, though very few people around the school really understand it.

Because Cutter is a jock. A pretty stereotypical jock, not the smartest but a great leader. Almost everyone at the school would follow him to hell and back without a second thought until they were halfway there, far too late to turn back. He’s very popular, all the more so since his parents were killed, though he was 17 at the time and managed to convince an entire panel of social workers that he and Skywise could live on their own in the house.

Leetah and Rayek transferred into their school s few months after the incident. Leetah’s the captain of all the debate team, the science team and the mathlympics. She’s popular, friendly, and everyone admires her goal of becoming a doctor. Over the summer, she trained in first aid and lifeguarding and is now fully certified.

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